Double Glazing for Existing Windows and Doors

The Benefits of Replacing Existing Widows and Doors with Double Glazed Windows: 

  • Relax in your home without feeling the cold draughts off your windows.
  • Be warmer and save on your energy bills.
  • Virtual elimination of condensations. 
  • Double glazing reduces noise so you can enjoy the peace in your home.
  • This whole new system has been designed by the technical experts at Just-rite to suit your home in the Canberra region. 

Just Rite Double Glazing windows are designed for a range of installation situations and techniques.

Replacement Windows - Aluminum, uPVC and Timber double Glazed Windows 

1) When The Existing Windows and Doors and the Frames are Not in a Good Condition 

In a full-frame installation, trim around the old window (interior and/or exterior) is removed and the old window frame is removed completely. The new replacement window is secured to the studs surrounding the window opening, and the trim is replaced. Go to Replacement Windows for details. We replace existing Aluminium, Timber windows and doors with Timber windows and doors with Double Glazed Aluminium and double glazed uPVC and double Glazed timber Double Gazed Windows and doors. Replacement of existing doors and windows with double glazing will significantly improve the comfort and appearance. Just Rite pioneered replacing single pane wndows with double glazed units in Canberra. If you are looking for a professional company who has been working in Canberra since 1977 please contact us for an obligation free quotation. We take pride in our work and you can be assured of excellence in quality in the completed work. Please note that we also replace existing doors with doubled glazed doors. Once you get your windows and doors replaced you will realise that Double Glazing is Amazing.

2) When The Existing Windows and Doors and the Frames are in a Good Condition

a) Timber Double Glazed Windows

Insert installations are used when replacing older wood windows with frames that are in good condition. In this case, the new replacement window is installed within the existing frame. This installation technique is simpler than a full-frame installation. Retrofit Double Glazing For Existing Timber Windows

Timber Windows


Double Glazed Unit 

We carefully remove the single pane of glass. this is replaced with a specially manufactured hermetically sealed double glazed unit.

Our trained consultants will discuss your requirements and inspect your windows/doors. They will specify the appropriate double glazed panel to meet Australian Standards.

The right double glazed unit will depend on the requirements for noise reduction and energy savings. For the best winter performance Low-E glass can be used. For summer heat reduction a tinted glass unit is available.

We can also replace your entire window and replace with a new Double glazed Window. More details...

b) Aluminium Double Glazed Windows - Secondary Glazing

 SetWidth250 window secondary

Secondary Glazed Unit

Another aluminium window is installed on the inside duplicating the existing window.

The second window traps an insulating layer of air.

The separation of the two aluminium windows provide a thermal break eliminating the usual problem of heat being lost through the aluminium. All panes of this new window slide to facilitate easy cleaning of the glass.

Our trained consultants will specify the type and thickness of glass to meet Australian Standards and your requirements for noise reduction and energy savings.

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