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Ceiling Insulation

Ceiling Insulation is a cost-effective barrier to heat loss and gains in your home, to gain the maximum comfort for your home you should install both wall insulation and ceiling insulation at the time of construction, but if your home is uninsulated Bradford ComfortSeal Insulation has the solution for your problems.

Ceiling insulation

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Bradford ComfortSeal Insulation, Australia’s most popular insulation product comes in a full range of R values to suit our harsh environment and a full range of soundscreen batts should you need thermal and acoustic insulation. Many homes in the ACT do not have adequate ceiling insulation as they were insulated before the Australian Standard recommended an R5.0 for ceilings in the ACT.

Have you looked at your ceiling lately? Old loose fill insulation has often settled or blown around leaving an R rating of only 0.5. This should be topped up with either R3.5 or R4.0 Bradford ComfortSeal Insulation. If the thickness of your existing insulation, batts or loose fill is less than about 150mm (approx. R2.5), consider topping this up with an added layer of batts.

Call the sales consultants at Just-rite to inspect your ceiling and advise you on making your home more comfortable.

Remember by installing ceiling insulation you can stop up to 70% of heat flowing through your home’s ceilings. We can install Bradford ComfortSeal Insulation, or you can do it yourself by following the simple instructions on the pack. 

Minimum insulation level by climate Reducing heat loss is the main priority

Minimum insulation level by climate — Cool temperate; Alpine
Reducing heat loss is the main priority
Example locations

Minimum insulation level (Total R-value)



*These minimum insulation levels are higher if your roof has an upper surface absorbance value of more than 0.4.


Melbourne, Vic 4.1 2.8
Canberra, ACT 4.1 2.8
Hobart, Tas 4.1 2.8
Mt Gambier, SA 4.1 2.8
Ballarat, Vic 4.1 2.8
Thredbo, NSW 6.3 3.8


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