A skylight shaft is a light well from which the incoming light from the skylight is distributed into the room. If the shaft is 'flared' it is possible to make both the skylight and the shaft appear larger, and it ensures the light is more evenly distributed once it enters the room.

Just imagine how opening the ceiling to the sky will visually expand a room with sunlight from above, cool breezes and the spacious open feeling of being in touch with the outdoors.



Velux can provide the solution to create bright, sunny interiors even if you have a flat ceiling under a sloping roof. The simple construction of a shaft is all that's needed to capture light and bring fresh air into the home read more...


With Abey’s innovative climate control system, you can choose to ventilate your room or close it up, nice and snug. Abey Lightbeams will help brighten up those dull corners of your home with natural light all year round read more...


The Skydome skylight is designed for installation into almost any new or existing structure. It offers you the freedom to locate a bathroom, ensuite, kitchen and laundry away from exterior walls, providing overhead natural light and ventilation in a cost- and energy-efficient way read more...