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Abey Skylights


Wake up those sleepy dark zones of your home with natural light and ventilation with a stylish Abey Climate Control Lightbeam. Let a breath of fresh air into your home, keep out the cold or expel the heat.
With Abey’s innovative climate control system, you can choose to ventilate your room or close it up, nice and snug. Abey Lightbeams will help brighten up those dull corners of your home with natural light all year round.

The innovators in skylight technology, Abey have a huge range of skylights to choose from for every room or requirement. From pantries and walk in robes to hallways, kitchens and living rooms. Whether it’s round, square or rectangular, Abey have the right skylight for you.


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Let a breath of fresh natural air into your home or keep out the cold and heat. With Abey’s innovative climate control diffuser, you can choose to ventilate your room or close it up nice and snug.
Designed to look more like an unobtrusive light fitting than a diffuser panel, you can control the climate inside your room by adjusting the amount of gap between diffuser and the ceiling mount. So now you can have natural light all year round and natural ventilation when you need it. Another great idea from Abey. 

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All Abey Skylights come with a flexible shaft designed to make costly and tedious skylight shaft construction a thing of the past. With Abey’s Lightbeam system, skylight installation time is made simple and quick. The flexible shaft can flex around roof obstructions such as pipes and beams and adjusts automatically to roof pitches and ceiling height.

The mirror-like interior finish reflects far greater light than a standard light shaft. And talking of finish, Abey Lightbeams are the best looking range of skylights on the market with a quality and finish far exceeding similar look alike copies. 

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