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Renewable Energy

Solar power has a very promising future here in Australiarenewable energy

A truly renewable energy source, solar power can help reduce Australia's greenhouse gas emissions - and set Australia up for the future in terms of clean energy production. According to the Clean Energy Council, ‘Australia's stationary energy sector, which includes electricity derived from coal-fired power, is responsible for around 50% of our greenhouse gas emissions’.

Addressing this reliance, and providing households with a more viable way to cut energy bills well into the future, solar power is a very smart choice.

What other renewable energy sources exist?

In addition to solar power, other renewable energy sources can include bioenergy, cogeneration, geothermal, hydro, solar PV, solar thermal, solar hot water systems and heat pumps, marine energy and wind.

Why choose solar power?

There are many reasons why a solar power system from Just Rite is a very smart choice for your home.

Here are a few reasons to make the switch today:

  • Save on your electricity bill. By producing your own electricity - at the place where it is required - you don’t need to source all (or potentially any) of your electricity from the grid. Long term, this can deliver enormous savings - especially as energy costs are on the rise.
  • Our climate. Here in Australia, we have low annual rainfall (compared with many countries in the world) and the highest average solar radiation of any continent in the world. This makes our country ideal for adopting solar power - and means it is sure to continue to grow in popularity as a renewable energy source.
  • Government rebates. Both Australia’s federal and state governments offer rebates and incentives for switching to solar. Ask your Just Rite solar expert about which incentives apply for your home and location.
  • Reduced emissions. By switching to solar power as a form of renewable energy, you’re also doing your best for the environment - contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Feed-in tariffs. If your system ends up producing more solar energy than you need in your home, you can also feed this energy back into the grid - and potentially earn rebates. Again, ask your Just Rite Solar expert about this benefit and how it may apply to you.